Am I the Ultimate Mirror?



Ever since I was a child…

empath-at-homeI always had this way about me that would could cause another to be royally pissed off at me, literally beat my ass, call me names, be accused of all kinds of things that which I wasn’t guilty for, or less extreme solely picked on. 

Now before all of you intellectual & emotional bad-asses begin to speak your arrogance…. . I am fully aware that everyone is picked on when they were a child on some level or another. I understand that also many people who have been picked on were either told to get over it quickly or else they would be quickly labelled as a crazy person with issues, or low self esteem

So I also believe that there are many unhealed people out there that most likelyimportance-of-empathy have experienced very similar things but conformed to the idea that empathetic people don’t exist or for one to get over the past pain by either getting over it or attention therapist sessions run by a water downed version of a shaman.

We do realize that Psychology took over Shaman Psychology, yes? 

Here some science for you!

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