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Dealing with Death & Understanding Hades

Dealing with Grief caused by Death & all other relating topics concerning the End & Hades–

Death is the biggest unknown today. And there is reason for that. Today we live in a day & age where the imagination of humanity is seen as separate & false compared to logic. And this thinking is false within itself. In ancient times the distinction wasn’t so. There are downfalls for both. What humanity has yet to discover is that you must take the bad with the good. Bless our hearts we try. But without a balance between logic and imagination, without a clear outline definition of what Death is, the afterlife, and so on… We will always grieve, out of balance, because death inherently makes us focus on our mortality and questions that–modern society says you cannot answer. Because if you believe in a soul, afterlife, reincarnation or anything outside the scope of hard Christianity or hold a judgmental lack of belief–we find freedom that the government doesn’t care for. Why? Because if we bring back elements of the ancient past and mix it with current concepts we will then find a liberation & answers we’ve been subconsciously looking for and ultimately the lack of this liberation is what boosts our depression & grief 100 times!

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Shamanic Witchcraft

What is a Shaman? 


The word Shaman is Tungus in origin, according to one of my favorite Occult Authors Christopher Penczak, it comes from the Ural-Altaic tribal people of Siberia. It translate as “to know” these people use the word ‘saman’ to refer to men and women who see themselves as spiritual healers, and wise ones of their tribe. It is usually used to refer to the healers of the North and South American tribes. 


In my opinion the true difference between a shaman and witch or magician is the way that the magick is seen & used by the practitioner. A shaman is not necessarily a spell-caster. Nor is he/she concerned with gaining anything other than knowledge of the self, the soul (of themselves & others), in order to heal & transform their way of being. To cause change within themselves instead of attempting to change what is outside of them. Shaman’s generally see that the universe is within instead of without. As both within & without are one. There is no separation or true difference between the two.

There is a universal connectedness that they (as well as I) feel. Therefore we believe that everything is connected. And that any answer can be found so long as you seek into the other realms with the correct intentions therefore true healing & transformation can be done. 

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