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Rape & Narcissist Abuse Survivor–My story (Part One) Explicit

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I’m here to speak of narcissistic/sexual abuse as it pertains to my own story. This is the first time I have ever shared my story in such great detail to begining to the bitter end. So this will take some time to get out there. Names are changed of course for privacy reasons but every word is true. I doubt I will beable to get the whole story out in this single post but I assure you I will get the whole thing out within time. Perhaps all within today. 

I feel it is finally time for me to open up and share my story in order to begin an even deeper healing process & to reach out to others that have been in similar situations. 

If you have anything negative to say or anything on the contrary to say to me please keep it to your fucking self! You do not know what its like to experience the following story as it is told so do not presume to tell me how I should have handled things or how to handle things now. I am my own person and I will do things according to my own comfort level as I trust my own judgement! 

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Fuck Fanatical Feminism! *Warning*

Warning! This topic is very controversial & I did not write with a filter and spoke very blatant truths of my views, as well as I was also very playful! So beware! You may become insulted by this post! Or perhaps you might just enjoy it! Or find it invigorating! You never know how the ladies are going to react to such topics! And I’m very blatant with my language and views! So….

You’ve been warned! 

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