Planetary (Astrological) Report



Mercury in Leo. Mercury goes Retrograde in Leo at Thu Jul 26 2018
This position is asking you to pay attention to communication. Within yourself & others. Are you speaking & experessing yourself more freely than usual? Or are other people?Or are you very dependent upon transportation? Is something about is causing your stress or even ruling your stress? If so, watch it! And balance it with astral travel. Physical travel & astral travel are equally important. This also means Mercury is very chatty with us. And is teaching us a lesson. Are you listening as much as speaking?

Venus in Virgo, enters Libra at Mon Aug 06 2018
Is your emotional realm or creative juices in more of a low key intellectual tone lately? Is your feminine side no matter if your male or female a bit more in tune with the masculine? Do feel a sense of balance between Feminine & masculine energies lately? As Mars is in aquarious (retrograde). Are you thinking before you act more than usual? Thinking about what to create before you create! Feeling a bit more selfless in love lately I order to teach important causes that are of this domain? Pay attention.

Mars (retrograde) in Aquarius, enters Capricorn at Sun Aug 12 2018 –means that our masculine side is much less impulsive, aggressive, and we are thinking our emotions relating our actions, sexual impulses, defense & war, we have taken a break in our argumentative ways & are rethinking our steps we normally take without thought to the true root of our actions which is our emotions relating to the things we do in our lives. The topics or people we protect or defend. Or even feel challenged by or maybe even hate or judge. This is good.

Jupiter in Scorpio, enters Sagittarius at Thu Nov 08 2018 07:38
Jupiter is our planet of good luck & higher learning & guidance. Jupiter can be more or less peachy in any sign. However Scorpio has been rather limiting thougg Jupiter knows this is needed & he’s been taking advantage of it. Since he’s been retrograde for a while he is relieved and refresh to be direct again. Looking forward to be in sag soon. But Jupiter is relating to our sp concepts. Our spiritual evolution. Our wisdom. How it’s evolving etc. Its been very limited but since being in retrograde many thinga were question and worked through. Feeling optimistic and looking forward to finding more spiritual freedom in Sagittarius. Good luck & a gateway to openness is coming. Be open to this.

Saturn (retrograde) in Capricorn. Saturn goes Direct in Capricorn at Wed Sep 05 2018
Saturn Retrograde in capricorn means that man-made ideals, the seeds of man that have been and/or planted are being altered. In other words. Plans are being changed deep within the minds of humanity. Needed change is aware of within the mind of humanity. And plans that have been normally rigid… Are beginning to see little bits of change. The plans are relating to the physical world & how it’s seen, experienced & built. Stop owning time. It belongs to Saturn.

Uranus in Taurus, goes Station Retrograde in Taurus at Tue Aug 07 2018 12:49
The planet of evolution, expansion, rebellion in Taurus is very conflicted. This conflict between what is familiar & what needs to evolve within the realms of luxory, flexibility in ownership of materialistic things will be test & challenged. Importance of Money will be tested. The illusion of choice will be revealed. Stop choosing “this or that”. Combine opposites.

Neptune(retrograde) in Pisces, goes Direct in Pisces at Fri Nov 23 2018
Our deepest emotions are being refined past the limits of our awareness. Faith is being asked. Faith will become a largest key that will demand to be considered in some time. Imagination will be presenting itself with time.

Pluto (retrograde) in Capricorn. Pluto goes Direct in Capricorn
Hades/subconscious is doing restructuring of order within this realm. Deep changes are occurring at a sucboncious level that relates to transformstion that permeates all of the above. It may be worth taking note of it.



Cursing & Healing

There are many things that I would say MOST people need to understand about cursing, particularly those of a right hand path. (remember I am of both right & left yet I am of neither.) But for starters, one must truly understand what positive & negative are. Because honestly? Most of us don’t even know what that is! You don’t even have to be brought up as Christian to be confused about this! Because this is something that is corrupted in our society as it is without the obvious influence of Christianity. However I am certain that is where it stemmed from. 

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Earn your Fae Blessings!


Would you like a blessing from the Fae?



You  must knock before you can enter. You must be polite and willing to return the favor. Because there are much more things, people, beings, animals, nature and her spirits that are in need! 
It’s time to wake up. 


Considering that the well know image of the faerie is enchanting and popular–It can be difficult to find reliable sources on the Faerie world. Not to say there aren’t any but that they can be hard to find; few and far between.

While the fantasy version of the pixie may be cute yet mischievous and that may mirror the nature of Fairie nature but only somewhat..if-you-want-your-children-to-be-intelligent-read-them-fairy-tales-quote-1-289147211.jpg


Have you read the legend tales of nature spirits, elemental, Fae, coupled with the God’s relating that were written ages ago?

The reliable sources I have found reside within a path called Feri Tradition. But that’s a topic for when I have more time. 

To the trained eye–

it’s obvious that the ways of Fae have been distorted, rewritten to cover lie, fragmented, corrupted I order to cause fear, etc.


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Calling the Corners. (aka many other things!)


Invoking the Elements and/or Directions–

So what is so important about invoking the elements

7648b10fa28053dd443178b9a01503f5For starters whenever you are to do a ritual or even to cast a spell it is very important to acknowledge the powers of the Guardians! Whether you see them as elementals, angels, daemons, or directions. Most do not include Gods or Goddesses. However I do—especially when it comes to the further–Directions! Below and Above! 

When I do this I include every elemental, God, Goddess, Angel or Daemon into this rite as possible! As I feel it is necessarily for reasons that only the subconscious can answer and then manifest into your reality! You will see the results and why such feat is important! 

In fact I would suggest invoking the elements and/or directions alone simply to bring them forth and into your circle to converse with and get to know them each by offering purification with the stick of Dragon’s blood! They deeply appreciate it! 

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Sun & Moon

19612d472e8692598f41607f969ce5e5--hippie-sun-tattoo-sun-drawingThe Sun–

The sun is symbolic for our ego. The mask that we wear the most often-during the day-the person within us that we show others. It isn’t necessarily a fake aspect of ourselves. But it should rather be the driving energy that motivates us during waking hours. The one whom strives to accomplish all that is needed to do to fulfil the core self. images (5)

The sun is the “first planet” though technically its a star. It is the center–and as the center it is symbolic for our primal fire. More technically–who we are learning to be! The sun corresponds with the solar plexus–the yellow-orange vortex of energy at our midsection. This is the place where we illuminate and/or heal fears. However I am not one who believes we should be completely healed in order to be happy or even healthy. Awareness is enough in many cases in order to move beyond. 842067jcakchkadr

The Sun rules Leo. The sign of the Lion. The main spirit that Iarchangel_michael-1 work with that is associated with the sun would be Archangel Michael.

However many do not see him as a God–it is true he is a self made-God. Not to be mistaken by a fallen angel–however fallen angels have many different reasons to why they fell to Earth. I will explain this on another post!

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Planetary Gods


842067jcakchkadrThe way that I was thoroughly introduced to them was with Hecate when she took me on her full on journey. She is the one whom holds the keys to the upper & lower planes. Soon I shall tell you about the lower planes but for now… it is time to meet the Gods of the Heavens! 



The largest & oldest planet. On a spiritual level this planet is all about expansion. The most benevolent & loved planet. Even back in the day when people saw things in a stricter sense–it was called the Greater Benefic. It is said that this planet brings boundless of good luck and prosperity when working with it in ritual magick. I’ve heard that in Eastern traditions of astrology that this planet is associated with the guru–the teacher and even the  “higher self”. 



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Wand Exercise!


On the day of Mercury,Wednesday, would be very appropriate for this exercise!tumblr_ou99bbuPBa1wtzx7ko1_500

If you have the incense, herbs, or even oil, sandalwood, dragons blood, or nag champa will work.

If you do not have a wand you can use an insence stick instead. 

Take your wand into your dominant hand; if you havent charged your wand yet now would be the time.

Charging- Holding the wand in your dominant hand as you focus & send your chosen energy (enchantment) from your dominant hand, through your palms & fingers then into your wand.

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