2018 Equals 11

2018 = Master 11 Year


A reflection of my past with Eleven Eleven Awakening!


It’s humerous, the longer I’m in this amazing cluster fuck of a violet Vortex- the more I see, and that means the more I predict or simply put curtain things to the test…

My path truly started when I was born, like all of us. But my awakening became something I wasn’t expecting in 2007 all because of the number 11, and other numbers. The influence they had on me, the directions I heard, the visions, the dreams.

I was convinced I was going crazy after a certain point. Because when the 11 vibration came into my life–first off my concept of time changed. Things appeared to move faster. I began to awaken to every possibility instead of denying them. However I had to work to find a balance with that.


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