Amy Rector

Amy has been amazing. I have been overly happy and truly appreciative of what she’s done for me. She has read for me, numerous times and nailed everything. Each time, what she has predicted has come to pass. The most amazing thing, is she has helped me, on more than one occasion, to be able to communicate with my Father that passed over in 2014. I’m more grateful to and for her, her talent she has chosen to help others with, so graciously than she will ever know. There have been times, she has helped me, for hours. She has at times, contacted me out of the sheer blue. To inform me of future happenings or messages. I have to say, she is a true, through and through medium. Her gifts are amazing, and her knowledge and skills she is so apt to help you as a person, beginning into spirituality with, are limitless. She truly, gives her all. I have and will continue to deal with Amy. I have, and will continue to refer and recommend her, highly. She’s also, very enlightening and a pleasure to speak with. She goes above and beyond to help you understand everything. As a beginner into different realms and so on. Anything I haven’t understood, was only a question away from being able to do so. When I say, she truly goes above and beyond. You can bank on it with her. I wish her nothing but brightest blessings! I am, grateful she and I have crossed paths in this lifetime.