Violet’s Video Edits!

This page (& child pages) is my Video Gallery–I haven’t edited any videos in a while but it used to be my number One hobby. I absolutely love film and I enjoy making fan videos out of my favorite movies, actors, and/or musicians! Take a look at some of them here down below! 

If you’re interested in having a video editing by me, please contact me! I am willing to work for musicians or anyone interested in promoting their services!

I started video-editing in 2008 and the last video I made was in 2016. I’d love to pick it back up again whenever the time allows! Some of these videos are very ameture looking but others are very good. And there are those that have good moments and horrible moments! lol But either way they were all fun to make! 


Following Pages! 

  1. Christian Bale Movie Edits
  2. Musician Edits
  3. Television Show Edits
  4. Bram Stoker’s Dracula Edits
  5. Picture Show Edits 

More coming soon! 

Starting with videos of various movies starring Christian Bale! 

Batman Begins-“Evilution” By:Jonathan Davis, Infected Mushroom & Datsik


Christian Bale Montage:Type O Negative “Be My Druidess”


The Dark Knight Trilogy:Korn “Narcissistic Cannibal”


American Psycho:”Lady In Red” Chris De Burgh


A mash up video combining Baby Firefly & Patrick Bateman! (Part One!)


A mash up video combining Baby Firefly & Patrick Bateman! (Part Two!)

For More click the image below! It will take you to another video category presenting my Musician Videos! 


As I said if you need anything edited I am willing to do it for an affordable price! 

Click the image to see My youtube channel known as Nokturna Raven! 


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